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I require a minimum of 24 hours advance notice.

Same-day sessions are very unlikely, as I carefully screen clients, and it simply doesn’t work for me to jump right into session. I like to get inside your head a bit first and get a feel for you. This only guarantees a more well-tuned and authentic session.

I much prefer communication via Email,SMS or whats App.I generally answer within a few hours, often much sooner.

To get started send an email which includes:

1. Your Interests and why you are contacting me.
2. References and description of what you did in your last session (if it s not your first One)Do not skip this part.
3.Your availability, wich City or Country and any scheduling limitations
4.If we have met or sessioned before, definitely include that.

Tel: +49 152 04961522
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NEW Tel: +49 152 04961522

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Based in Munich

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