Get an appointment

I require a minimum of 24 hours advance notice.

Same-day sessions are very unlikely, as I carefully screen clients, and it simply doesn’t work for me to jump right into session. I like to get inside your head a bit first and get a feel for you. This only guarantees a more well-tuned and authentic session.

I much prefer communication via Email,SMS or whats App.I generally answer within a few hours, often much sooner.

To get started send an email which includes:

1. Your Interests and why you are contacting me.
2. References and description of what you did in your last session (if it s not your first One)Do not skip this part.
3.Your availability, wich City or Country and any scheduling limitations
4.If we have met or sessioned before, definitely include that.


Travel plan

20 till 22 Sept in Holland

26 till 28 sept in Munich

10 till 12 okt in Munich

28 till 30 okt in Munich

Soon in Nuremberg and Düsseldorf
Otherwise in my own studio in Koblenz