Want to spoil me?

Giving gifts or money is not necessary…but it sure does get my attention. And it lets me know that you are serious about forming a M/s relationship with me.

You want to please me and give me what my heart desires?I love to be Spoiled, Pampered, & Worshiped.

This is where it begins, and if I approve of the way you spoil me I may allow you to spend some quality time with me while you take me shopping,dining or traveling.

If you prefer to surprise me by selecting something yourself for a more personal touch, then just DO it !! I would love something you hand pick just for me!

I am incredibly picky when it comes to what I wear. Accessories are easier, but if you want to contribute to MY wardrobe/shoe closet, you’re going to need to contact ME. Shopping excursions both in person and online can be arranged for the right price.