About SM

BDSM is fueled by the fantasies which drive a wild, decadent life behind closed doors. Its goal is to convert those fantasies into an immensely sensual reality. We know that, in order to do so, a power exchange is required. BDSM is a delicate game of erotic control and voluptuous submission.

The Sub is enraptured, as he gives up control over his own body and mind (of course, only up to a pre-established point, perhaps even a little further, if the Sub is ready), namely to a woman, and one who has mastered the art of sensual female domination.

The authority and the control transferred to the Dom are part of the BDSM dynamics. They are complemented by the helplessness and vulnerability of the Sub. The stimulating power, which pulses through the Mistress, is as intoxicating for her as the lack of power is for the Sub. During the ‘subjugation,’ Dom and Sub can explore feelings too risky to be experienced in another context. By his own free will, the Sub feels his power leaving him, and how that lack is fulfilled by her. And oh yeeaahh,how he enjoys giving up control!

For him, the sensual submission can mean a consented life as a slave, but one in which he is free to dedicate himself to his sexual pleasures without any feelings of guilt or regret. BDSM is fun and a little dangerous. The element of risk increases the attraction. It makes the heart beat and the endorphins flow; the imagination runs wild. It is a matter of sharing long-hidden fantasies of sexual control and of breathing new life into him. BDSM promises intense intimacy and thorough satisfaction via one’s favorite form of sexual play.